On My Way Home
On My Way Home
Duration:04:01   Year:2020
  • Description

The massive weight behind a commercial tractor trailer is massive, and the inertia generated by it flying down the road feels exponential.  Now, add to that hurricane of energy flying down the road at break-neck speeds the powerful desire of home-sickness for the love of your life and you have “On The Way Home” by Blakgraz.  The frantic introduction is only matched by the full throttle drive of the remaining miles of song.  Each verse tells the story of a big-rig driver fighting to reach his love with visuals of the fight to continue despite terrible fatigue.  Guitar and bass riffs drive the song from lightning blues feels to hard rock drive with a funky break-down for the rest-stop…immediately followed by a intricate and powerful drum solo the lays the bed for a slide guitar solo that takes the song over the mountain on a black ribbon that stretches to infinity.