Blakgraz music combines rock, blues, country, folk, bluegrass, pop, electronic, and jazz to create a unique style full of energy, intense passion, unique storytelling, and skillful performance to ensure a memorable experience for each listener every time.

Blakgraz first formed in 2010 with the release of the album “Lust” followed in 2012 with “Messages in Numbers” followed by “Fire” in 2019, then began releases in 2021 for “Chaotic.”

The main creative force behind Blakgraz is Tom Sweeney. Tom wrote and recorded “Now Is So Beautiful” with Valarie Borman in 2000, and had it reach the No. 1 spot for downloaded songs on, beating out Alanis Morrisette and Blink 182. Tom has had regional success with songwriting in various projects including Shoot the Moon which saw Top 10 positioning on Reverbnation in 2007 for several months and national, regional, and college radio airplay. Tom has been fortunate to share the stage with national touring acts across the entire United States for many years before bringing his drive and obsession for music experimentation to Blakgraz.

Blakgraz most recent collaboration with The Boneflowers, “Blind Revolver” has just been featured on 105 & 103.5 FM The River on Music on the Menu with Alan K Stout.

Dance For Me by Blakgraz

As soon as you started this piece I closed my eyes, I don’t know why. Native girls in grass skirts and coconut bras and big brown almost naked native men playing drums while the girls dance. Dark, stars, beach at night with the hot breeze whipping through my hair and fire and lots of fire and girls and I don’t want this to stop – and it just did. I think I need a cigarette – and I don’t smoke! Bravo dude! Seriously Bravo! I will come back to this piece often! Okay Tom, I’m back! I’ve listened to everything and I came back to your world. You really have a piece of music here! It has a feeling about it like … home, Like when you hear it everything is familiar. everything is right! I did the feeling! I dig the song. I could hear this on any radio station, anywhere. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I swear I have really seen your music grow fast.

Rick Dodson,

Grandma's Song by Matias Ndeve Featuring Blakgraz

Your friend may be rapping, but he isn’t far from singing. I noticed (especially toward the front of the tune) that his vocal pitch would match the music. At some points it came real close to singing, even if ever so slight. There is so much music in this genre I dislike because, for my tastes, it’s not musical. I thought this was pretty musical. And ordinarily I don’t appreciate people running off at the mouth just to be flapping their lips. But, this has such an uplifting lyric. And I like the idea of honoring an elder. (especially since I’m getting elder everyday, LOL) Your guitar sounds great, especially the middle part and the end where you can hear it better. That stab note to start the second part is classic. I like this, didn’t think I would, I was wrong.

Timothy Baker,

Kisses That You Steal by Blakgraz

Blakgraz, I think you have written a most wonderful love song! The performance has that bit of haunting about it which makes it so surreal as it tells the truth of the love for her. Very beautiful vocal performance and those backing harmonies are filling in wonderfully. I like the tempo and balance of the song. This could easily fit into a movie soundtrack. I wish you the best with this one and it’s gone into my fav’s for 2020! Well done!! 😁 Peace!

Richard Groce aka Big Daddy Ricc,

One More Time by Blakgraz

Blakgraz’s unique hypnotic, open, warm yellow, airy sound comes through again in their signature “new age” folk song styling marking a major piece illustrating evolution of the folk genre. A major blakgraz sound signature their innovative effort to converge influences of spanish guitar styling with passionate subtle pauses, tropical hypnotic percussion, and airy passionate vocals. Nice. 😃

Grace Brancaleat,

Blind Revolver by The Boneflowers & Blakgraz

You know you just cannot help yourself.. You just keep comin’ up with fine and powered out Rock.. Vocals are always so amazing… Braaaaaaavo!!! This song is way too good for here… Rock on my friend Rock On!!!

Jimmy Graziano,

Why Not Me by Blakgraz

Very cool rhythm and guitar, i loved the voice and the melody, the song has a wonderful progression and energy, great song Blackgraz!

Golden Day,

Cowribean-The Basket by Blakgraz

This is one of the most well crafted songs I’ve ever heard in this group. Utterly amazing and excellent. Nothing to improve in any way. Superb.

Tuck Neilson,

The Truth by Blakgraz

Top notch production Blakgraz. Sublime guitar work on the intro. Love the light and shade in this song. That stuttering drum beat really grabs you too. Great tune.

Crazy World Divine,

No Longer The Sun by Blakgraz

Hello Blakgraz, I really liked this music, it’s modern and at the same time a little king crinson side at a certain time. Thank you 👍 👍 👍.

Cristinarey Prod,

Lady Pearl by Blakgraz

Wow! I love the haunting feel of the music. It really emphasizes and compliments the vivid imagery you use. Especially like your line “lily fingers and blood blonde hair.” I also like how you don’t come right out and say exactly what’s going on – it adds to the mystery and conflicting ideas like “ancient fire cooled the land.” Great tune, man!

Derek C,

Nine Days featuring Samira Prentice by Blakgraz

As good as perfect…as always! You‘re so impressing prolific you actually could broadcast an all day radio show that wouldn’t get boring at any time.

Hans Albers,

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